We are nearing the goal to help Santino Nyang raise the funds needed to bring his wife and children here from the growing violence in N. Africa (read his brief bio below his GoFundMe video below)

Santino now only needs just 115 generous people to each donate – $25 – to his GoFundMe campaign to reach his goal.

Check out his FB page to see the current photos of his kids and his wife … he is in N. Africa now to bring his 2 young children here and to gather the required documents from South Sudan so he can start the process to bring his wife here – an Immigration Lawyer is needed to navigate that maze.

Because he has been a U.S. citizen since 2007 both of his children are … Santino must hire an Immigration Attorney to navigate the complex course for him to be able to bring his wife here … PLEASE HELP — $25 each