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MORTGAGE LO’s and Branches

30 Apr

Construction loans .. Manufactured Housing loans … everything in between


            My client is currently doing the subject loans along with all other loans and their acquisition of an FDIC, Federally Chartered Bank should be “blessed” by the FDIC in the next week or so.  That will give them an even broader range and more clout in the residential mortgage lending arena nationally.


            I am looking for producing branches and individual LO’s to join them all across the country.  If you know of anyone I should talk with, please let me know or ask them to send their resume to me then phone me so we can discuss how they may fit into this lender’s mix.


John Chandler


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God created earth and plants … then He created man ~~~

28 Apr

For all of the illnesses that plague us God has created plants with oils to help heal us. 


Bob Miksovsky has studied in detail through the Bible how these essential plant extracts help heal us naturally … without the chemicals and side-effects of prescription drugs.


Do you or does someone you know have a condition they are struggling with?  Maybe Bob can help with the essential oils he sells.   ……………..  Cell: 602-573-2258


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NEW AGE – PHOENIX – FREE Workshop May 9 – North Scottsdale

27 Apr

          2:00pm … Saturday, May 9, 2015


            My friend, John Nanni, is hosting a FREE New Age Workshop at his home in North Scottsdale and is featuring Latoya Beverly,


                This is a casual workshop at which Latoya will do a brief reading for each attendee and everyone can have an open, casual discussion with her and among each other.


            Please let me know by e-mail if you would like to attend and I will send you the address.


John Chandler

PREVENTIVE HEALTHCARE IS THE FUTURE ~ join us in helping this grow

27 Apr

We are hiring experienced, independent Pharma and Medical Device reps nationally to present to Doctors, Clinics and Hospitals PharmacoGenomic (PGx) Testing done through us by the leading PGx Testing lab with whom we recently aligned with.


Interested in additional information?


John Chandler ……… 602.482.0017 ……….


HALO - Tomorrows Medicine Today 

You can’t be too careful … let us help you know you are safe

24 Apr

KNOW WHO YOU ARE HIRING – or dating ~ ~ ~


Criminal Background Checks from just $8 … $10 … $12 – depending on depth needed


Comprehensive Personal or Business background checks at the lowest cost —


We have partnered with a criminal background checking company that is linked directly in with many Law Enforcement Agencies, including Interpol to provide the most comprehensive, accurate background checks


Simple background checks from $8 to the most in-depth background checks as is required for U.S. Government Nuclear Facilities, for example.


Protect yourself, your business and your property ~~~~~


Before you hire anyone to work at your company

Before you hire anyone to work at your home Before you consider dating anyone Before you rent to anyone


John Chandler


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INSURANCE COMPANIES – PAY HEED ~ Cost of prescription drug-related morbidity & mortality is $136 Billion annally

23 Apr

Would you rather pay those costs or pay for PharmacoGenomics (PGx) Testing?

Let’s talk about how this testing can help your bottom line and help your insureds.


John Chandler


HALO - PharmacoGenetics Testing Process

ARIZONA RESIDENTS – student loan issues? Randy may be help for you ~~~

22 Apr

Randy Osterman is with the Scottsdale law firm of Lawrence Law Offices and one area in which Randy specializes is in helping people with their student loans.  Consolidation … loan reductions … modifications, etc. …

Randy has also been successful in helping homeowners with their loan issues, including short sales.

It doesn’t hurt to talk.


Randy Osterman

480-443-5626 …  Ext #204