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Non-Invasive, Life-Saving test —– Ask your doctor to contact me for you =

29 Jan



Our PharmacoGenetics testing will tell your doctor your rate of Metabolism – does your body process everything you ingest quickly or slowly?  If your metabolism is high, then  you will need more of whatever you take in for it to benefit you …. if your metabolism is low, then the chances that you will Over-Dose on whatever you take in increases.

Our PharmacoGenetics testing will tell your doctor what medications to never prescribe … and what medications will work best for you based on your personal genetic makeup.

Adverse Drug Reactions (ADR) is the #4 cause of death …. 2 million people are hospitalized annually due to ADR … hundreds of thousands of people annually go to the ER due to ADR ……… This testing by  your doctor can help prevent ADR


“The current gap between current practice and that which will soon be enabled by new personalized medicine technologies could arguably mean the difference between life and death for thousands of patients per year. Physicians are likely to be hauled into court and called to account for this discrepancy unless steps are taken to provide physicians with better education and guidelines to integrate the new data and technologies into their clinical practice. The window of opportunity to act is short. Once the litigation snowball starts to roll, it will quickly become unstoppable.”

Gary E Marchant, Doug E Campos-Outcalt, Rachel A Lindor, Personalized Medicine.
John Chandler
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ANOTHER REASON for a PharmacoGenetic test by your doctor ……

28 Jan

The benchmark the FDA uses when approving a new drug for doctors to prescribe is —— are you ready for this? ——

If 1 in 20 do not have an adverse reaction to the drug then the FDA approves it —- ONE in TWENTY. 


PharmacoGenetic Testng done in your doctor’s office will tell your doctor which drugs are safer for you and which ones you should avoid. 


Keep in mind that “Death” is almost always given as one of the possible side effects to a drug your doctor may be prescribing for you.


Want more information?


John Chandler



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EARN REFERRAL FEES = Pharma & Medical Device Reps = anywhere in the U.S.

26 Jan

Are you a Pharma Rep or a Medical Device Rep who would like to increase your income by referring to me doctors you know and are selling to?  All I need is an introduction to them so that I can schedule an appointment to talk with them about PharmacoGenomic Testing ……… this will help reduce ADR in their patients, reduce their risk of law suits and add to their income while complying with Stark Laws.


Let’s talk –

John Chandler


Taking the “guess work” out of getting prescriptions from your doctor

23 Jan

HALO - Tomorrows Medicine TodayMost often, when prescribing medications for patients, doctors say = “Let’s try this … “.   Not very comforting words.  Then the dosage is set for the “average” person.  BUT, IS THERE an “average” person?


PharmacoGenomic Testing tells the doctor your metabolic rate — does your body break down medications quickly (so they may not have a chance to work)?  Or do you have a low metabolism (which can result in over-dosing because your body does not break down the meds at a “normal” rate) …


Our testing will also tell your doctor if your body will react negatively to a specific medication … and if there is one that is better for you that won’t end up sending you to the hospital or emergency room due to an Adverse Drug Reaction (ADR).


Connect me with your doctor so your doctor can become aware of this life-saving test and begin testing all of his/her patients. ……. John Chandler ~~ … 602.482.0017


Here is what Mayo Clinic has to say = “

“Without (PharmacoGenetics) testing, neither you nor your doctor knows exactly how you’ll react to the medication. It may not work for you, or you may have serious side effects such as bleeding. You might have to try different doses — or even different medications — before finding a treatment that works for you.
Pharmacogenomics speeds up that process. Before you take a single dose of medication, you can have a test to see how you’re likely to respond to the medication. “

~Mayo Clinic


John Chandler





Do all of the warnings about possible side effects of prescription drugs worry you?

22 Jan

Advertisements for Prescription Drugs are followed up with a long list of “possible side effects — most often including “death” ———

PharmacoGenomic Testing can help minimize the risks of those adverse drug reactions (ADR) and your doctor should be doing this test for you and your family TODAY !!!!

COPY, PASTE & PRINT this letter and give it to your doctor so they can phone me to get signed up to do this test — or e-mail me and I will send the letter to you to get tot hem — —

Dear Doctor,

Your patient, ________________________, has requested a Pharmacogenetic Test, as a result of receiving information about its benefits. Pharmacogenetic tests provide the physician with any genetic factors that might adversely interact with current or future drugs prescribed to the patient. As you well know, the more drugs the patient is taking the more risk of adverse drug reaction.

Medicare covers this test for approved patients with no deductible or copay and some insurance companies cover it as well, subject to their policy deductible and copay.

The test only requires a buccal swab. There is a prepaid, overnight, FedEx envelope to send the specimen to our Lab. Once submitted, you will receive a comprehensive PharmD report with your patient’s test results. You will find this to be a comprehensive and yet simple report. Our Medical Directors are also available to you for consult at your convenience.

I will be pleased to make an appointment with you to discuss the test procedure and simplicity of activating this greatly needed test within your practice. Please contact John Chandler – CR # 10894 … 602.482.0017 … to sign your office in to do this testing.

What is Pharmacogenetic Testing (PGT)?
Pharmacogenetics is the study of how a person’s genetic makeup affects the metabolism of medications. Pharmacogenetic testing (PGT) detects normal and single nucleotide polymorphism (SNPs) in the alleles of genes and their associated enzymes. PGT results therefore predict a person’s ability to metabolize certain medications. PacTox currently provides testing services on a total of nine genes (CYP2C9, CYP2C19, CYP2D6, CYP3A4, CYP3A5, Factor II, Factor V Leiden, MTHFR, and VKORC1) to give physicians a broad scope of information.

Cytochrome P450 enzymes (CYPs) include a superfamily of 57 enzymes. Subfamilies 1-3 are responsible for 75% of all drug metabolism. PGT results on the CYP genes are reported as extensive metabolizers (EM), poor metabolizers (PM), intermediate metabolizers (IM), or ultra-rapid metabolizers (UM) for their varying degrees of drug metabolizing abilities. Extensive metabolizers have normal drug metabolism. Poor metabolizers have no or very low metabolism; intermediate metabolizers have reduced metabolism; and ultra-rapid metabolizers have higher-than-normal drug metabolism.

Pharmacogenetics testing can be particularly useful in:
Chronic pain management
Knowing a patient’s genotypes prior to prescribing pain and other medicine 
Minimizing debilitating side effects
PGT testing can mean the difference between a treatment failure and a successful outcome.

You will know the following critical information for your patient: 
Which medication will BEST work for your patient
Which medication will NOT work for your patient

“The right information – right drug – right dosage – right from the beginning.”HALO - Tomorrows Medicine Today

Hiring the wrong people can harm you personally and professionally

21 Jan

Comprehensive Personal or Business background checks at the lowest cost —

We have partnered with a criminal background checking company that is linked directly in with many Law Enforcement Agencies, including Interpol to provide the most comprehensive, accurate background checks

Simple background checks from $8 to the most in-depth background checks as is required for U.S. Government Nuclear Facilities, for example.

Protect yourself, your business and your property

Before you hire anyone to work at your company

Before you hire anyone to work at your home
Before you consider dating anyone
Before you rent to anyone


Most respectfully,
John Chandler
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OFF: 602-482-0017


Prescribing Medications Does NOT need to be a guessing game

20 Jan

We are helping doctors get the meds right for their patients the first time through our MedX Prime PharmacoGenomic Testing Clinical Integration = “Right Information, Right Drug, Right Dose, Right from the beginning.”

Contact me today so that I can sign up your doctor to do this testing for all of his/her patients for better health.


John Chandler



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