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28 Nov

Moving America forward is NOT allowing those who entered ILLEGALLY to stay and wave a magic wand over them granting them legal status.


In the UN-Affordable Healthcare Act, there is a penalty of $3,000 per employee for employers not paying for the very expensive insurance required by the government … that penalty does not apply to non-citizen employees.  This means that employers will be able to hire ILLEGAL immigrants who will be granted legal status, but are not citizens and step around that $3,000 per employee TAX.


This will take much needed jobs from LEGAL blacks and Hispanics and keep our LEGAL citizens in poverty.


PLEASE — tell me again how ANY of this benefits America.


PERFECT for Christmas and Hanukkah this year —

26 Nov

Eliminate cable and satellite bills and have NO TV or movie Viewing bills

Perfect Christmas or Hanukkah gift ….

1,000+ TV stations from around the world available in 100 different languages without subtitles

100,000+ movies as well as cartoons – this includes every Disney movie ever made

Watch ANY sporting event from anywhere in the world

You can buy games from the Google Play Store and play them on your Jetstream Box

Pays for itself in roughly 4 months – you own the Jetstream Box

Connects through the Internet directly or wireless

Perfect for small businesses with a TV set to save on the “commercial” cable and satellite rates

To order = 

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5 Cordial Rules for Life – from John Tesh

25 Nov

Rules for life


You’re welcome ….

John Chandler



Know who you are hiring in any capacity — from $8 each

25 Nov

Comprehensive Personal or Business background checks at the lowest cost —

We have partnered with a criminal background checking company that is linked directly in with many Law Enforcement Agencies, including Interpol to provide the most comprehensive, accurate background checks

Simple background checks from $8 to the most in-depth background checks.  The client list ranges from individuals to HUD Housing to local and national Child Care Centers and Adult Care Homes to U.S. Government Nuclear Facilities, for example.

Protect yourself, your business and your property

Before you hire anyone to work at your company

Before you hire anyone to work at your home
Before you consider dating anyone
Before you rent to anyone


Most respectfully,
John Chandler, Director
Chandler Search
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P. O. Box 54445
Phoenix, AZ 85078
OFF: 602-482-0017
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Thanksgiving week … Here is some help for each of us

24 Nov

Weight help for Thanksgiving

John Chandler

Social Media and how to use it is a mystery to many ~

21 Nov

Anthony Kirlew – ImagineWOW! – has been fine tuning the use of social media to help businesses excel in their field since before Facebook and Google and most other social media, and he can help you grow your image and your business, too.


Anthony Kirlew

602.644.1950 x 707

Watch for the new products being added = Survival Gear =

20 Nov

If you have not yet looked at what we have on = = please take a look.

We will soon be adding another product line and we already have people waiting to order many of the new products once all of the technical / IT work is done on both sides (the supplier and us).



John Chandler