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You can not be too careful — what is your safety worth to you?

31 Dec

Comprehensive Personal or Business background checks at the lowest cost —

We have partnered with a criminal background checking company that is linked directly in with many Law Enforcement Agencies, including Interpol to provide the most comprehensive, accurate background checks

Simple background checks from $8 to the most in-depth background checks as is required for U.S. Government Nuclear Facilities, for example.

Protect yourself, your business and your property

Before you hire anyone to work at your company

Before you hire anyone to work at your home
Before you consider dating anyone
Before you rent to anyone

John Chandler




Independent Pharma & Med Device Reps – 2015 can be your year to earn EXCELLENT income

30 Dec

            I have just aligned with a company that is on the cutting edge of PharmacoGenomics testing which will increase patient safety by the doctor being better able to know in advance how a patient’s body metabolizes anything ingested and how it will react to specific meds.  This testing will save lives and money … and law suits.  AND, these tests are covered by insurance, including Medicare.  If you are not familiar with PharmacoGenomics testing, Google it and see what it is all about.


            You may know independent Pharma or Medical Device reps who I should talk with about this who would like to greatly increase their income on a residual basis.


            Just 10 of the doctors they know doing just 10 tests per month will net them roughly $7,500 per month.  More Doctor’s offices + more tests = more income.   Within 3 – 5 years every hospital and doctor’s offices will be doing these tests.


            If you know of anyone who might be interested and want to know more, please get back with me first by E-mail ASAP.  I now have only 7 open slots across the U.S. to fill and I only have time for those who are serious.  You will be as excited as I am.   I am meeting with someone tomorrow (Tuesday) who has been working directly with 300+ medical offices and is eager to lead the charge in AZ with this.  Phoenix is large enough for 2 or more reps.


            The wave of the future in treating patients and prescribing medications ~~~ Please let me know your thoughts after you have watched the videos below. 


            Watch the first 2 segments of video – about 9 minutes total – that you will find fascinating



John Chandler




More than 2 million admitted each year to hospitals with Adverse Drug Reaction

29 Dec

Hundreds of thousands are treated in emergency rooms nationwide for Adverse Drug Reaction – which is the #4 cause of death today.


E-mail me = = so that I can contact your doctor to introduce them to this testing that is being done in many of the teaching hospitals in the U.S. today … but only for themselves.  Doctors, clinics and other hospitals can now do them through me and the company I represent with many Insurances paying for this test – Medicare at 100% for qualified testing.


Our lab has been in business for 30+ years.



John Chandler


2015 will be a FABULOUS year – if you help make it that way for you

26 Dec

Multiple Streams of Income, especially in the economic and business climate we are currently in, makes this even more important.


There are several GREAT opportunities and the rest are OK, at best.


For those who have contacts and connections in the medical community anywhere in the U.S., I have a dynamic opportunity that they can do part time or full time.  BUT, it is not for everyone … only the motivated, driven, focused people who want to improve their lifestyle.


For More Information

John Chandler



What is PharmacoGenomics (DNA) Testing and how will it improve your health?

24 Dec

Dear Friends


There is a new DNA test that doctors can do that can largely do away with adverse drug reactions (ADRs), saving thousands of lives each year and preventing millions of hospitalizations. The FDA states that over 106,000 deaths and 2 million people are hospitalized each year! That’s not counting the millions of people who just stay home and deal with the side effects. It has been in use since 2008 but is now just beginning to enter the mainstream medical community.  The FDA has approved it; the Mayo Clinic, Duke University Medical Center, Johns Hopkins and Vanderbilt Medical Center have adopted it. It is referred to as “Personalized Medicine” because now physicians can understand exactly what medications will work for you, what won’t and the right dosage.


I’m telling you this because I am working with a company that is helping to get the word out about this amazing breakthrough in medical technology. I need your help to do this in a big way.  We can be a part of a huge campaign to save lives and needless suffering. Imagine millions of patients across America asking their doctor to protect them from adverse drug reactions. We will create a groundswell of interest and education to help people be safe from the harm that medications can do. Right now, ADRs are the 4th leading cause of death in our country. I would like to help change that and help you at the same time.  I am sure you do not want to play “trial and error” anymore with your medications.  Would you please take the attached “Doctor” letter and brochure to your physician and ask if he would do this test to protect you?


We will see commercials and public service announcements about this but the most powerful form of communication is “word of mouth.”  If each of us uses this ‘doctor’ letter to help their friends and family to be safe, think of how viral that could be and how many doctors would hear of this!


Thanks and welcome to the new frontier of medicine. . . . . . 



John Chandler – PacTox Certified Rep #10894 



23 Dec

ADR – – – The #4 cause of death today = Adverse Drug Reaction

Your doctor can do a non-invasive test from his office today it only takes one minute or less … so that when (if ever) you need prescription medication he/she will know what to avoid and what will work best based on your DNA —- Covered by many insurances —– 100% by Medicare.

E-mail me and I will send you the letter you need to give to your doctor to request the test.  You only need one of these tests in your lifetime because your DNA does not change.

Put ====  “ADR – DNA Test” ==== in the Subject line

John Chandler

HIRING Independent Pharma and Medical Device Reps nationally —-

23 Dec

I am currently looking for Independent Pharma and Medical Device Reps who have a portfolio of doctors they have been selling to and calling on to introduce PharmacoGenomic Testing to them to help nearly eliminate Adverse Drug Reaction – the #4 cause of death today.


If you do not know any reps, please refer me to your doctor so that I can introduce them to this testing for their patients.  E-mail me and I will send  you information so that you can learn about it and I will send you an informational brochure that you can get to your doctor so that I can get their office signed up to offer this testing.

John Chandler