My services include, but are not limited to:

       Lower cost Executive Recruiting — only 10% of the first year’s base salary

            Seminars —  2-hour+ seminars covering everything job-seekers need to compete and get the job

            Speaking at Colleges & Technical Schools — preparing students to compete in the job market

            Virtual Job Fair — posting open positions for only $35 per position

            Outplacement Counseling Service  —  only $157 per person being laid off

            Executive Career Consulting Service  — preparing executives in case they are displaced

            “Path to Your Career” Consultation, Workshop & Book — detailed interactive conferences to help give people the tools they need to find the position they want and get hired

            Resume Writing — having interviewed and worked with hundreds of HR Directors and hiring authorities with the largest companies in America I have gleaned from them what they look for that must be in an effective resume and what should be left out to help get the interview

            Resume Review and Critique — review resume and give a written critique followed up with a FREE 30-minute teleconference to answer any questions regarding my critique

            Certified Career Coach —  7 – 8 one-hour teleconferences to help people find the passion in their career in finding “What they want to be when they grow up”.

Most respectfully,
John Chandler, Director
Chandler Search                     6:00am – 4:30pm Arizona Time – Mon – Fri.
P. O. Box 54445
Phoenix, AZ 85078
OFF: 602-482-0017
FAX: 602-482-0339

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