Alzheimer’s Disease is now called “Type 3 Diabetes” …

10% of 65-year-olds and 50% of 85-year-olds will get Dementia of Alzheimer’s disease and this 85-year-old group is the fastest growing segment of this population. Alzheimer’s disease is now the 7th leading cause of death in the United States and numbers are rising.


PhytoActive and our Ankascin for early to mid-stage Alzheimer’s sufferers has been tested extensively in Asia with very positive results for such patients. Our product is 100% ALL NATURAL. It helps keep the linings of veins and arteries in the brain relaxed so they don’t curl up and block blood flow.


Diabetics have a 4-fold greater risk of developing Alzheimer’s Disease. Many people now haev what is being called “Pre-Dementia”; a condition that comes with Pre-Diabetes. You can think of this as “Early Alzheimers.


If you would like to know more … of if you know someone who is in early to mid-stage Alzheimer’s, we should talk. Our product for Alzheimer’s, Dementia and forgetfulness could very well be what they are looking for to improve their health in this area.


Our product also helps level Blood Cholesterol levels, High Blood Pressure and Diabetes. Should we talk?


Let’s talk … if you or someone you know needs our product, or if you or someone you know would like to sell our product, we should talk.


We are also hiring “Franchise” owners in about half of the States in America and we are hiring 1099 Reps all across America.


John Chandler



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