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29 Mar

1) Try writing a resume yourself, send it out and hope it’s right

2) Having Chandler Search work with you on your resume, secrets and techniques to interviewing, how to network to find where the best jobs are that are never posted and “Brand” yourself to increase your value in the job market.

#2 gets FAST results … #1 keeps you busy going through the motions of looking for a job. = or = 602-482-0017



28 Mar

With so many people looking for a job today … and many having given up … knowing there are very good paying positions is like a breath of fresh air ~~~

My clients have asked me to help them find Direct Endorsed (DE) Underwriters for them. Compensations range from $70k – $85k base salary plus bonuses will take a good U/W to $100k+ per year. These positions also have full benefits packages. My clients want to only see resumes from seasoned, experienced underwriters who have their DE, or they will consider those who know FHA guidelines and want to work toward their DE.

These positions are in offices in the following locations = Scottsdale , Atlanta, Denver, Houston and San Diego.

Who do you know that I should talk with about these positions who might be interested of who might know of someone who is? They can contact me or I would be happy to contact them.

I look forward to your earliest response.

Most respectfully,
John Chandler, Director
Chandler Search 6:00am – 4:30pm Arizona Time – Mon – Fri.
P. O. Box 54445
Phoenix, AZ 85078

OFF: 602-482-0017
FAX: 602-482-0339


26 Mar

Do you want results or do you want practice sending resumes with no results?

13+ years as a National Executive Recruiter with a contract with more than 100 national companies ~ for all positions at all levels ~

I know what hiring authorities look for in a resume to help a candidate get an interview.

I know the secrets and techniques to interviewing to help get the job offer.

I know how to network to find the best jobs that are never posted anywhere.

I know how to “Brand” a candidate to help increase their value in the job market.

I know how to avoid gaps in applications between positions. = or = 602-482-0017

Unlimited = phone, text, data, web and international text =

26 Mar
NO Contract ... NO Limitations ... NO restrictions ... NO Tricks

NO Contract … NO Limitations … NO restrictions … NO Tricks

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21 Mar

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19 Mar

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