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Multiple Sources of Income ~ a necessity in today’s economy ~~~~

16 Aug

            I am not an MLM kind of guy and typically race away from them, but this is one a friend of mine suggested ~ over and over again ~ I look at, so I finally did.    I signed up myself Thursday in Mid-August, 2012 and by Friday morning I had 7 people on board ~ most had said they had heard about the program but didn’t know who to talk with to get in.  I’m now at 20 and growing.   I will add at least 60 per month and you can, too.
            I presented this to a friend who is a former U of A All-American and 4 years with Tampa Bay Buccaneers … he didn’t need more than one or two minutes to get on board, too.  He also has a discount travel program he is selling college students all across the country and he is getting those students on this, too.
            $49 per month for unlimited 4G service … once you have 9 people signed on yoru bill is free forever.    ~~~~    Carve out about 40 minutes to watch this …. you will get excited and see how it
T-Mobile and Bank of America are our lead partners 
       Also ~~    This shows who is involved …..
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Resumes Written or Reviewed and Critiqued ~~~

2 Aug
Do you know someone who needs the most professional resume possible?
If your resume does not contain 85% – 90% of the key words the potential is looking for it most likely will never be seen by a human being.  That being a fact, why submit a resume that is not going to lead to an interview?
Since 2001 my in-depth conversations with hundreds of HR Directors and Hiring Authorities of countless national companies I have learned from them what they must see in a resume and what should be left out in order to help you get an interview.  I offer two professional services that have been proven to help you get the results you want.
1)            Resume Writing — having interviewed and worked with hundreds of HR Directors and hiring authorities with the largest companies in America I have gleaned from them what they look for that must be in an effective resume and what should be left out to help get the interview

2)            Resume Review and Critique — review resume and give a written critique followed up with a FREE 30-minute teleconference to answer any questions regarding my critique

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