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Multiple streams of income for your financial stability

23 Apr


Every millionaire I know has multiple income sources

What would you do if your company closed or downsized?

What would you do if your hours were cut causing income loss?

Solavei is another of my additional income streams

NO membership fee required

NO quotas or time requirements for expanding your network

$49/month for unlimited 4G – phone, text, data, web and international text – cell service

NO Contract … Nationwide coverage
Solavei - Moments of Decision - Destiny is shaped

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A resume is not a “RESUME” unless it sizzles …

4 Apr

NURSE who could not get an interview to get a job ~ even with 20+ years experience …

An OR nurse with 20+ years of extensive experience came to me for help in getting a job. She sent her resume and ~~~ OMG, it needed WORK!

After I reworked her resume for her, making it more exciting and helping her stand out from anyone else, she had several interviews and 3 job offers ….

A resume is not a RESUME if it doesn’t sizzle … you will not get an interview or job offer with a bland resume. = or = 602-482-0017 ~~ for questions or help

Another Income Stream for your Financial Secuirity

1 Apr

WHAT IF ~~~~
1) = You could get into a GREAT MLM with no enrollment fee?
2) = You could get into a GREAT MLM with no quotas and nothing to buy and stock?
3) = You could get into a GREAT MLM with a top quality product that saves you money each and every month on a service you are already using?
4) = You could get into a GREAT MLM that helps save everyone every month?
5) = You could create an additional stream of income of $1,000 … $3,000 … $5,000 … $10,000 per month each and every month?

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