AFFORDABLE Recruiting Fee (5%) and Quality, Experienced Service = for 17 years

31 Jul

While MOST Recruiters charge 20% – 30% of the first year’s expected compensation, my fee has ALWAYS been substantially less than that. My fees are only earned by me when you hire one of my candidates.

Once I know specifically the kind of person you are looking for to fill a position I will only send resumes to you of those who fit what you are looking for. That saves you time and money.

After one of my candidates is hired, my fee is due and payable (received by me) within 14 calendar days of the candidate’s start date. As long as i have received my fee within that time period I give a 90 calendar day one-time replacement guarantee. That is – if my placed candidate is no longer with your company within 90 calendar days after their start date (and my fee has been received by my office within the 14 calendar day period as stated above) I will replace that candidate one time at no additional cost to you. The candidate will be to fill the position vacated by my prior placement and their replacement NOT being needed to down-sizing of your company.

Let’s talk so that you can ask any questions you have. If you would like to see my simple, one-page fee agreement, please let me know and I will e-mail it to you for your review. There are no tricks and no gimmicks.

John Chandler



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