WHY are you paying more than a 5% Recruiting Fee for your open positions?

14 Jul

Chandler Search is a National Executive Recruiting Firm formed in January 2000.  Since we opened our doors our fees have been THE LOWEST available.  Today, we are offering to you and your company our recruiting fee of only 5% of the first year’s base salary, with the exception of your sales team or Loan Officers or Account Executives, which will be $3,000 and Sales Managers, with will be $5,000 which will include their sales team, if they have one. 


This is NOT a trick, or a scam in any way.  We have an outstanding reputation over the last 16+ years with out 125+ National clients of recruiting for all positions and we make sure we retain that reputation.


While the vast majority of our placements have been in the Banking and Mortgage industries we have also recruited in most other fields, including the medical field.  Let’s at least talk.  My recruiting fees are contingent on your hiring  one of the candidates I present to you.  As long as my fees are received within 21 calendar days of the start date of the candidate I give a 90 calendar day guarantee on ALL of my placements.


Let’s talk ….


John Chandler





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