100% ALL NATURAL “Meds” are now hitting the market … Let’s talk

22 Jun

PhytoActive is launching their 100% ALL NATURAL “Meds” that have been extensively tested to effectively treat several common issues in just a few weeks. They have also tested 100% ALL NATURAL “Meds” for:


Focus Alert = helps College Students (and others) excel on their exams by helping stimulate their short-term memory recall (typically things they were most recently taught.


SmokersSub = when taken as suggested this has been shown to help people reduce their “need” to smoke.

Ankascin for Alzheimers/Dementia/Forgetfulness = This is for early to mid-stage


Alzheimers. It helps relax the veins and arteries in the brain to keep blood flowing


…………………. Blood Lipids (Cholesterol) bring High and Low Blood Pressure in 12 weeks


…………………. High Blood Pressure/Hyper-tension bringing it to normal range within 12 weeks


………………….. Diabetes & Blood Glucose brought into normal range in 12 weeks


With a slight change in diet, these issues (with the exception of Alzheimer’s) should be controlled for life after just 12 weeks.


We are hiring Franchise Owners for about half of the States and 1099 Reps for all areas.


Let’s talk …


John Chandler




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