100% ALL NATURAL “Meds” are ready for sale today = FDA Approved for sale

21 Jun

Within 10 years it is expected that 80% of the “Meds” Doctors will prescribe will be ALL NATURAL, and PhytoActive is ahead of the curve with their products.


We are hiring State Franchise Owners and 1099 Reps across the country. 1099 Reps can set their own schedule and grow their business as their time allows. Do you know someone we should talk with?


Our products are:

Focus Alert – ideally for college students to take prior to exams. Helps stimulate short-term memory recall so students can do better on tests.

SmokersSub – to help smokers wean themselves away from smoking – NATURALLY


Alzheimer’s / Dementia / Forgetfulness – Helps control Early to Mid-Stage Alzheimer’s patients by keeping veins and arteries in the brain free of blockages. Due to the nature of this illness, most likely this will be required for life, but it is better than the disease.

Blood Lipids / Cholesterol – Helps bring Cholesterol Levels to the “Normal” range in just 12 weeks. With a slight diet change, no further “Meds” should need be taken.

High Blood Pressure / Hyper-tension – In just 12 weeks this should have blood pressure in the “Normal” range and, with a slight diet change, no future “Meds” should be needed.

Diabetes and Blood Glucose – like the above maladies, in just 12 weeks all levels should be in the “Normal” range. With a slight diet change, no further “Meds” should need be taken.




John Chandler




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