Dynamic 20+ year remote Mortgage Underwriter for your company –

14 Jun

 Here is an outstanding Underwriter with 16+ years experience who is with a company that is closing the branch he is in. Having worked remote for most of positions the office at home is all set up for just such a purpose.  Compensation is currently in the mid-$80k range and located in the Seattle area and will work remotely from this home office anywhere in the country.. 



           Who do you know that I should talk with about this excellent Underwriter?

John Chandler




          As a National Executive Recruiter my fee is only 10% of the first year’s BASE salary … period.  From the day I opened my office my fee is the same today as it was then.    No hidden fees and I have been recruiting nationally, primarily for the mortgage industry for the past nearly 17 years.  I give a 90-calendar day guarantee on all of my placements …. if they are gone, for any reason other than your company lay-offs, I will replace them one time at no additional cost if they are no longer with your company within 90 days of their start date.  There is none better.



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