Expect 80% of ALL “Meds” within the next 10 years to be pharma-free …

13 Jun

it is fully expected to see the Medical Field to pull away from the Pharma field and begin looking for and prescribing NON-Pharma meds for their patients … for a variety of good reasons.


When is the last time you saw an ad for any pharmaceutical “treatment” or “cure” that was not accompanied by a long list of “possible side effects”?  Do you believe that Doctors are absolved of any liability for “possible side-effects” caused by those prescriptions they prescribe?


PhytoActive products are 100% ALL NATURAL “Meds” from plants that God created to cure the illnesses man contracts.  The products available through PhytoActive have been extensively tested to show they work on specific health issues. 


We are hiring “Franchise Managers” and 1099 Reps across the country to market these products we have today and those we will be adding.  Today’s ALL NATURAL “Meds” help the brain focus on what has been learned over the past year or so to help students do better on tests, for one aspect.  SmokersSub helps smokers wean themselves away from the “need” for smoking.


Other issues helped with PhytoActive products are early to mid-stage Alzheimers, Blood Lipids (cholesterol), High Blood Pressuer  and Hyper-Tension, and Diabetes / Blood glucose.  For all but the Alzheimers, in 8 – 12 weeks all levels should be where they need to be and, with a modest diet change, no further “Meds” should be needed.  Alzheimers is another issue and most likely will require a lifetime on the ALL NATURAL “Meds”.


Want to know more about being a Rep?  NO PRESSURE AT ALL … this is right for you or it isn’t, but you won’t know for sure unless we talk first.


John Chandler









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