Motivated, Driven Independent “Pharma” Reps Can Do Extremely Well Here

12 Jun

Within the next 10 years 80% of ALL “Meds” prescribed by Physicians are expected to be 100% ALL NATURAL.

When is the last time you saw an ad for any Pharmaceutical product that did not contain a list of “cautions” about taking the “Meds”?  Almost weekly you see Ads by law firms regarding pharmaceutical products they are suing for the harm and deaths they have caused.
Our products are 100% ALL NATURAL … we have even had the harmful Statins removed.
In addition to our “Focus Alert” product that helps students with short-term memory recall helping them excel at taking tests, our growing product line helps with”
    Alzheimers / Dementia / Forgetfulness in those with early to mid-stage issues.
    Blood Lipids (Cholesterol) can be brought into the normal range in just 8 weeks and, if the patient changes their diet, they may never need to take this the rest of their lives.
    High Blood Pressure / Hyper-tension can be brought into control in only 12 weeks of taking this and, with a diet change, they should never need to deal with this again in their lives.
    Diabetes and Blood Glucose can be normalized in just 12 weeks taking this ALL NATURAL “Med” … and, a change of diet will then have these issues controlled
Let’s talk to see if this is the 1099 Opportunity you have been looking for.
John Chandler


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