NEW = 100% ALL NATURAL “Meds” ~ Looking for “Franchisees” and 1099 Reps

2 Jun

Sales managers needed for MOST States and 1099 Reps needed in all States.


We currently have Sales Managers in CA, AZ, UT, NV, ID, IA, TX, FL, SC, NC, OH, MI, IN, HI with openings available in all other States for Independent Managers. We are interviewing potential Reps in all US markets and we also have a team in Australia. There is NO “Franchise Fee”.


This unique product line includes products that helps students do much better on their exams by helping them with short-term memory recall … helps smokers reduce their “need’ to smoke by more than 50% quickly … helps halt Alzheimers spread by increasing blood flow in the brain … normalizes Blood Lipids in only 8 weeks … controls blood pressure and hyper tension in only 12 weeks … removes diabetes and blood glucose issues in only 12 weeks.


ALL of our “Meds” are 100% NATURAL! Even the capsules are 100% Seaweed.


Other than those who have Alzheimers, Dementia and forgetfulness, our products bring the above stated issues into normal range in the time periods stated above. With a diet change, no further doses should be required. There are lower dose maintenance Meds those who don’t want to change their diets can take to keep those issues in control.


Contact me if you or someone you know want to talk about being a 1099 Rep. Absolutely NO pressure. This is either right for you (or them) or it is not.


John Chandler




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