Team Leaders and 1099 Reps for 100% ALL NATURAL “Meds” ready to launch

18 May

The way the market is trending (in large part, due to the FDA), in 10 years it is fully expected that 80% of the medications prescribed by Doctors will be for 100% ALL NATURAL “Meds” rather than the pharmaceuticals of today. When is the last time you saw a commercial for a prescription drug that was not followed by a long list of “warnings”?


Within the next week we expect to be ready for our lab to produce our 100% ALL NATURAL “Meds”. We will launch the following, with other “Meds” to control other issues in the near future …….


Focus Alert ………. ideally, this will help students with short-term memory recall to help them improve their test scores. it is easier for us to remember what we learned more than one year ago than it is to remember what we learned over the past year until now


Alzheimers / Dementia / Forgetfulness has been shown to be better controlled in short-term and mid-stage affliction with just one pill daily for the balance of ones life


Blood Lipids (Cholesterol) can be controlled in 8 weeks in most cases with just one dose daily.

High Blood Pressure / Hyper-Tension, as well as Diabetes / Blood Glucose can be brought in line with one dose daily for as short as just 12 weeks.


Let’s talk, if you or someone you know might be interested in Selling these “Meds”


John Chandler




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