HIRING = Franchisees and 1099 Reps across America for new ALL NATURAL MED Sales

5 May

Let’s at least talk … ZERO PRESSURE … Who do you know we should talk with?


Franchisees are all set and ready to hit the streets with the first packaging of our product line in:

Ohio … Michigan … Indiana … Iowa … North Carolina … South Carolina … Florida … Texas … Arizona … Utah … Nevada … California ……………. AND … Australia

These State Franchisees are adding more 1099 reps

ALL other States are open for Franchisees who want to sell and build their own team of producing 1099 reps.


THESE ARE ALL NATURAL … including the capsules and any coloring added:

Focus Alert is ideal for college students to help them with their short-term memory recall to do their best when taking tests and exams.

A product for early to mid-stage Alzheimers / Dementia / Forgetfulness taken daily

Blood Lipids (Cholesterol) taken once at night for 8 weeks to control High or Low LDL

High Blood Pressure / Hyper-tension taken 2 times daily for 12 weeks

Diabetes & Blood Glucose taken 2 times daily for 12 weeks


John Chandler





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