80% Increase in switch to Naturopathic Medicine Seen = We have 100% Natural Meds

25 Apr

          News articles assert that there is a movement of patients, over the next 10 years, from their Medical Doctors to Naturopath’s.  The movement to 100% Natural “Meds” is due to the ingredients in Pharmaceutical products and their not being beneficial to us.


          We are recruiting for 1099 Managers and Reps in most territories, with the exception of = CA, AZ, TX, FL, NC, SC, OH, MI, IN and IA.  In those states the managers are looking for 1099 reps.  The target markets are Naturopathic Doctors, Selected MD’s, Chiropractors, College Students, etc.


          PhytoActive is introducing a handful of 100% NATURAL “Meds” from plants proven to successfully help and/or treat:

          Short term memory recall ~ Ideal for students to take prior to taking exams

Alzheimers / Dementia / Forgetfulness for patients in NON-advanced stages

          Blood Lipids ~ to bring cholesterol in line

      High Blood pressure . Hyper-tension ~

Diabetes & Blood Glucose ~


          This list will grow as our research shows for certain which plants “cure” which issues.


          These, with the exception of that for short-term memory recall, are effective in full treatment typically in 8 – 12 weeks and, with a change in diet, as proscribed by a physician, should not be required to be taken again.  However, we do suggest taking a reduced maintenance dose for any of the above issues.


Let’s talk ….


John Chandler






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