100% ALL NATURAL “Meds” formulated to Cure These Conditions >>>>

21 Apr

It is CRITICAL TO KNOW that everything in these “meds” are 100% completely ALL NATURAL … zero pharmaceutical drugs in these. Production will be under way in CA within 2 weeks for these products. ALL of these products are exclusively through us.


Focus Alert … PERFECT for College Students and pretty much EVERY campus has a motivated, very outgoing person who could take the lead with the Focus Alert for their campus and make a GREAT income. This stimulates “short-term memory” things that happened over the past year or so.


Independent Reps are being added nationally to add these all-natural products to their line. You can take your time and build your team as you want.  


We have Franchise Managers overseeing sales growth currently in AZ, CA, IN, FL, MI, IA and soon TX, N and S Carolina NO “Franchise fee”. 



AND we have other products to effectively abate the below stated issues :


Alzheimers / Dementia / Forgetfulness

………………………… Blood Lipids

………………………… High Blood Pressure / Hypertension

………………………….Diabetes & Blood Glucose


These all-natural ingredients in exact doses have been found to abate the issues associated with the above diseases and only need be taken for 8 – 12 weeks in addition to the patient modifying their diet per their doctor’s suggestions and recommendations.


I am looking for Independent Reps across the country to represent these products with the rest of their product line. If you would like to talk with my colleague who has decades in the Pharma field and is leaving to promote this nationally, then grow internationally.

John Chandler






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