Top Companies and Top Candidates at MUCH lower fees for 16+ years

28 Mar

Let’s at least talk. It only costs a little bit of time with NO pressure whatsoever. And, my recruiting fees to companies are by far the lowest anywhere and placements come with a 90-day guarantee…


For most companies, Business Growth is needed. In my 16+ years as a National Executive Recruiter I have seen this happen every few years, and it is again happening now. Companies and candidates are seeing changes and growth ahead and I am open to new client companies and candidates to place with those, and other, client companies.  I work only with the best. 


Currently, I am looking for client companies ready to grow and add top quality candidates to help them do just that. I am also talking with those who are looking for a career change for whatever reason.


Call me at 602.482.0017 between the hours of 5:00am Arizona Time and 7:00pm Arizona Time, or e-mail me letting me know how I can help you and the best times for me to phone you =  ….


My track record of 16+ years in this field speaks for itself and I have had more than 120 National Clients for whom I have recruited close to 2,000 new employees and all have been completely satisfied.


John Chandler




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