My 10% Contingency National Executive Recruiting Fee is the same since 2000 =

17 Feb

          Are you ready to work with a top quality recruiting firm withe most affordable fees?


      More than 100 National companies have found my 10% contingency recruiting fee is the most affordable and my candidates are among the best ever presented to them. My fee is the same as it has been since I started my company 16+ years ago.  With well over 100 of the largest companies in their industries I have grown and stayed in business even through slow periods.


           My contingency placement fee is and always has been only 10% of the first year’s base salary (for salaried employees) and only $3,000 for commissioned employees hired by my clients. My fee is due at my office within 21 calendar days of the date the candidate starts and, if my fee is received by me within 21 calendar days of the candidate’s start date I give my client a 90 calendar day one-time conditional replacement guarantee on each of my candidates they hire through my firm. 


           In my 16+ years as a National Executive Recruiter, I have had to replace only one candidate I had placed, which is a stellar record in the National Executive Recruiting field. For me, I am much happier when I place someone with a client and they stay for a long period of time, and my clients are extremely happy, too.


           If you have open positions you need filled and you want quality candidates you can hire for a much lesser fee, we should talk. You can reach me during normal business hours at the number below or e-mail me and I will get back with you promptly. I look forward to being able to help you when the need arises.


John Chandler … 602.482.0017 … johnc@chandlersearch.


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