Are you a sales leader and team builder for your own “Franchise” who wants to retire in 5 years

31 Jan

For those focused on retiring in 3 – 5 years .. NOT for everyone = Let’s talk …


LIMITED to fewer than 40 nationally – path to retire earlier than you expected


Are you dreaming of retiring in 3 – 5 years but have no plan yet?   … this is not for everyone, but it may be perfect for you. This is low-pressure sales with repeat business regularly.


   I have recruited nationally for 16+ years and this is the most exciting opportunity, bar none, I have seen. Opportunities are limited and available in & will be on board soon, too. This is the most affordable “Franchise” fee I have ever seen.


The return on investment here is astronomical and realistic. Grow a $12,000 initial investment into a $5Mil +/- return in 3 – 5 years while earning a great 6-figure income is mind-blowing and, again, realistic here. Let’s talk and I will explain to you how this works. NO PRESSURE. It is either right for you and you for this, or it isn’t.


      Let’s talk to find out if this is right for you — a phone conversation is best because of the depth and breadth of this fabulous opportunity. NO PRESSURE. 


         LIMITED NUMBER of OPPORTUNITIES OPEN in each State, but 1099 positions are available for those who want to work either part-time or full-time to earn a great commission on what they sell and are encouraged to contact me. 


John Chandler …. 602.482.0017 …..


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