Income to $150k+ selling to 1st Responders and others ~ 60,000 items priced right

18 Oct

          Who do you know who would SERIOUSLY like to have fun earning $50k – $150k+ per year selling gear to First Responders and others?  This is a unique opportunity unlike any you have seen. 60,000 different items priced 30% – 35% lower on 95% – 98% of the products than any of the competition … and 100% of the items are TOP QUALITY.


Opportunities growing in all States, but, for now, I am looking for people in IA, IL, IN, OH, MI, OK, UT, NV and AZ … If you would like to own the Franchise for other States, let’s talk.  VERY reasonable “Franchise” fee with fabulously incredible end results. Soon we will need 1099 reps in FL and VA, as well.


I need to talk with interested people = John Chandler =  … 602.482.0017. 


NOT “pie-in-the-sky” by any means = LEGITIMATE post with easily attainable incomes … just make the calls and you will get the business.


Let’s talk to find out if this is right for you — a phone conversation is best because of the depth and breadth of this fabulous opportunity


          LIMITED NUMBER of OPPORTUNITIES OPEN in each State, but 1099 positions are available for those who want to work either part-time or full-time to earn a great commission on what they sell are encouraged to contact me. 


John Chandler … … 602.482.0017


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