RETIRE in 3 – 5 years with $ 5MM+ for your bank account – very small initial investment

26 Sep

Who do you know who would SERIOUSLY like to retire in 3 – 5 years with $5 MM+ for their bank account while earning $500k+/year from now until then through their efforts and the efforts of their 1988 reps? This is a unique “Franchise” opportunity unlike any you have seen. VERY low purchase fee with GREAT financial rewards.

I need to talk with them = = 602.482.0017

NOT “pie-in-the-sky” by any means = LEGITIMATE post.

ALL U.S. Markets open except — IA, IL, IN, OH, OK, UT and NV. I am in conversation with people in WI but just early stages at this time.

Let’s talk to find out if this is right for you —-

“Franchise” primarily with lower priced, highest quality first responder gear and more

LIMITED NUMBER of OPPORTUNITIES OPEN, but 1099 positions are available

John Chandler = 602.482.0017 =

Retirement - which path is yours



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