PART-TIME Sales to 1st Responders and many others – $50,000 +/- earnings – based on your drive

12 Sep

       Let’s talk … this is not for everyone, but it may be for you.  A legitimate path to earning a $50,000 part-time income with residual income and a 60,000 item product line with 98% of the products at 30% – 35% less than they are currently paying for the same or identical quality products.


          Are you self-motivated?   Do you want to grow your income to $50,000 or more calling on people with whom you can build a great relationship to whom  you will be making available products they HAVE to have in their business but at a lower cost to them?


          You will get all of the help you need from the Corporation owner and his team to make sure you are successful quickly.  Making sure that you are all successful benefits not only you, but the person under whom you work and the parent company.


          In my 40+ years in business – 16+ years in recruiting – this is truly the most exciting opportunity I have ever seen.  Contact me with an open mind and you, too, will feel as I do.


          The primary market for these 60,000 items, with roughly 98% of them priced 30% – 35% below the competition for identical or very similar top quality items used daily by police, fire, paramedics and more.  These are must have items they can not do without, so the need will always be there and you will have the products and pricing they need.  The potential customer base expands beyond First Responders, too.


Let’s talk =

John Chandler … 602.482.0017 …

Retirement - which path is yours


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