REALISTIC path to retire in 5 years with $5 mil in your bank – Sales to 1st Responders

22 Jul

I do not deal in pipe dreams.  

            “Franchise” opportunity in MANY U.S. markets …. The person in the Chicago area who joined recently had a sale immediately that earned him $3,000 and he has a presentation later the following week to a Fire Department in his “Franchise” territory that will net him roughly $33,000.

IA, IL, OH and SC are taken, with AZ being looked at closely by someone who said he wants AZ and CO.  ONLY those who want to work their “Franchise” and build it so they can retire comfortably in 3 – 5 years will fit for this opportunity.


            Let’s talk for a few minutes.   Keep in mind that the CEO/Owner has 60,000 items in his portfolio — the problem with posting all of them is that the manufacturers make changes in pricing and products that makes it pretty much impossible to keep current on.  A quick phone call by a rep to the company will get the info for them they need … pricing and product info, if necessary. 


            The “Franchisee” should make at least $250k on what they sell and the 1099 people they hire should make $50k – $150k,. depending on how motivated they are … they are typically paid 1/3 of the commission the “Franchisee” is paid, so the “Franchisee” earns 1/3 and the balance 1/3 is suggested to be set aside to pay taxes when due.  All States should have several 1099 sales people.  If the “Franchisee” hires 5 or 6 1099 reps, at the minimum income level of $50k, that gives the “Franchisee” an additional $250k – $300k over and above what they make on what they sell.  All territories should come close to those numbers, too.


            Pricing on 98% of the 60,000 products is typically 30% – 35% lower than the competition on identical products … and the 1st responders NEED to save money on what they buy.


            If this is not for you, perhaps you have an idea of who I should talk with. 

WHO do you know who might be interested in taking their territory from an initial investment of $25,000 to several million dollars in just a very few years – realistically?

John Chandler — 602.482.0017 —


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