Imagine – a Broad Customer Base of people easy to talk with who are open to talking with you

30 Jun

               This amazing “Satellite Location” (Franchise) opportunity is limited, very affordable and lucrative for the motivated owner.  Let’s talk! 


               If you want an income of $250,000+/-, we need to talk.  For one of my long-time friends and clients I am helping him expand his First Responder Gear “Franchise” across the country.  So far, AZ, WA, ID, IA, IL and OH are spoken for, but every other State is open — to those who want, for a very low “Satellite Location Fee” (Franchise fee)  to own their State (or part thereof – for larger States like CA, TX, NY and FL – where there will be 2 or 3 Territories) we should at least have a conversation with NO pressure whatsoever.  My client wants only those who are motivated and driven to own their own lucrative business with help from the parent company to achieve their goals.  


               The parent company will hold weekly phone meetings to help you grow your Satellite Location territory to the benefit of everyone.  There will be someone just a phone call away to help get your questions answered and pricing given to you on items not in their 2,500 item on-line catalogue = =.  The parent company has been doing extremely well in Iowa and see the opportunity to help share their success with others throughout the country helping you establish your own “Satellite Location”/”Franchise” that you own.


            Hiring independent 1099 reps throughout your State or Territory will help you achieve the highest income level possible.  It isn’t Rocket Science … it’s a matter of making the calls, being professional … presenting your products … taking the orders and following up for more orders of the same and other products.   How about selling a Fire Engine to a small fire department … and trim it out with hoses, ladders and all of the other gear they need …. Then getting a large check for the sale? 


Let’s at least talk … it only costs time.  If it is not right for you, no problem. We know this is not a good fit for everyone, but those who see the potential will do VERY well for themselves and their families.


John Chandler … 602.482.0017 …



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