VERY SOLID business is looking for $100k (or 2 investors at $50k) with 12% interest paid over 1 year

28 Jun

           You may have a suggestion for me ——————–


            My client is in need of $100,000 – or 2 people investing $50,000 –  each for 12 months.  4 people each loaned him $50,000 within the past week and the total needed is $300,000 for this very sound venture.   He is paying 12% (which is unheard of today), but his pay-back source makes all the sense in the world.  The business owner is very reputable with a strong and successful business track record.  You will feel that when you talk with him.


I just secured a client who is growing his business dramatically … he needs $100,000 total, but it can be from 2 different investors with $50,000 each — return is an incredible 12% simple interest (or higher, if required), paid monthly.


The loan will be secured by $600,000 (wholesale price) worth of product that is selling well on Amazon – since last September. The product line varies and includes hot items, and he will be growing the list of items as he finds fast-moving items to add. The goal of the owner is to build sales to $1,000,000 per year, but, after this influx of funds for 12 months, his needs for capital should be behind him.


Let’s at least talk. I will give you all of the information I have, along with his pro-forma then let you talk directly with him.


Not that it matters, but this is for one very strong, humble Christian who has had a very successful business life already at his relatively young age.


LET’S TALK — 602.482.0017 — then i will connect you with him.


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