Is your career ready for you to add “Director of a Community Bank”? — Should we talk?

8 Jun

Interstate Bank Developers has successfully launched nearly 35 Community Banks over the past 30+ years in AZ, OR and WA.  They are now assembling the 12-person Board, which will each be an owner of the bank for Chandler, AZ.  The board is in place prior to recruiting a Bank President.  This is done so that the Bank President knows he/she answer to the Board … not the other way around, as do most banks.


            Banks typically operate for 10 +/- years and are sold at a nice profit for the owners (Board).  A sales price of 4.5 times book value is not uncommon for these Community Banks.  PLUS, being on the Board helps set the direction of the Bank.


            If you know of anyone who would like more information please ask them to contact me.  This is a tremendous opportunity for the motivated, driven person looking to grow their career and help direct a new bank. 


            The initial investment is only $11,000, then, once the board is in place, quarterly investments of $4k – $6k over a 2-year period are typical to fund the bank’s opening.  Being part owner of a Bank opens up tremendous business and social avenues most can’t even imagine.

Most respectfully,

John Chandler

Off: 602.482.0017


Bank Board of Directors


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