Is your career positioned for you to add being a Founding Board Member of a Community Bank?

7 Jun

New (proposed) Community Bank for Chandler, AZ is now talking with interested persons for their Board. For these Community Banks all Board Members are also owners and help determine the direction the bank heads in their lending practices and their growth. Only 12 seats are on each board … no more … no fewer.

Contact me if you are genuinely interested and would like more information. Seats are open to anyone, no matter where they currently live.

The initial investment is only $11,000 and the total overall investment amount is determined by the Board and will be based on the direction they take, but has always been in the $60k range over a 2-year period.

Before they are acquired (at a handsome profit) by another bank, these community banks assemble a Board of 12 individuals to help guide the direction of the bank. Once the Board is set, then they look for an experienced President who will oversee the growth in the direction the Board has directed.

Board members will share in decisions effecting the Bank and their direction of growth. Ernie Garfield has formed, from the ground up, more than 30 banks over the past 30+ years – in WA, OR and AZ. He has a stellar track record in helping guide the banks to being very successful.

Anyone interested in learning more, please let me know and i will introduce you to Ernie so that he can give you the in-depth information you need to make a decision.

John Chandler .. 602.482.0017 …


First Responder - $100,000 bill


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