First Responder Gear Franchise where you can earn a great 6-figure income …

26 May

               First Responders will always be needed.  Paramedics, Fire, Police, etc. … therefore, they will always need gear and equipment.  The founder has amassed 60,000 top rated different items that First Responders use on a very regular basis.  Having been on a Presidential Medical Team at Walter Reid Hospital for 3 years he knows that second best won’t do.  The CEO knows what they use and what works best, and he has assembled only the best gear and equipment and has negotiated pricing that is 30% – 35% lower than they are paying today on about 97% of the items they use.


      This company will only add one or two territories per month so they can make sure each person buying a Franchise will be very successful and run their company successfully for many, many years.  Anybody can sell franchises, but few work hard to make sure that each franchisee is VERY successful with incomes of $200k – $300k and more per year.


               The Franchisor, who has been extremely successful in his career, will spend one week with each Franchisee exclusively to help them be VERY successful.  Rick does not want to churn the franchise owners.  He is looking for serious people who will invest $25,000 in buying the exclusive Franchise and work to build their income to at least $200k net, prior to personal taxes.


              If owning a Franchise with everything available to supply First Responders from band-aids to Fire Trucks with a very realistic income of $200k – $300k doesn’t scare you, then we should talk.  


              My client has negotiated 60,000 top quality items geared to First Responders almost daily needs at costs below what they are currently paying for roughly 98% of these items.  Having been on the Presidential Medical Team at Walter Reid Hospital for 3 years and assigned to President George H. W. Bush, my client knows the field and has been  operating his company very successfully in Iowa for several years and is eager to offer Franchises in all other States.


$25,000 Franchise Fee will get you on your way =


Want to talk? =

John Chandler – 602.482.0017 –


               Ideally, but not a requirement, First Responders will do very well in this field.  These are items that they and/or their colleagues use nearly every day on the job.  They are priced so that First Responders can buy through you and save 30% – 35% on the exact same products they are currently using.  


There is a VERY low, reasonable Franchise Fee and, with that, comes one week one-on-one training by the CEO of Innovative Rescue Solutions and always available phone help with any issues you may have.  This person wants EVERYONE to be successful.


Can’t cover your entire territory effectively yourself?   Hire 1099 reps and pay them what you negotiate with them.  Any making $100k+ per year are typically very happy.  Most 1099 Employees will be off-duty Police, Fire and Paramedics wanting to grow their income to be at least 6-figure incomes.   Remember, this income is in addition to their full-time / First Responder salary, or their retirement income.


Shall we talk? =

John Chandler – 602.482.0017 –


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