Affordable Franchise – outstanding income – $200k – $300k and more if you want

18 May

               My client’s primary goal is to make sure that each Franchise Owner is profitable above their realistic expectations.  My client’s pricing is typically 30% – 35% below what their competition charges for the exact same products … sometimes my client’s products are even higher quality for less money.  How hard is that to sell?


               I am looking for, ideally, First Responders (but not a requirement).   Paramedic, Fireman,  Pharma Rep or similar type salesman who is looking for a career that will be their own First Responder Gear Franchise and earn them a realistic 6-figure income.  This will be for the entire State they are in, in most cases, and you can even hire other reps throughout the State, if you so choose.


               Totally unlike the competition, my client has 60,000 items that First Responders use almost on a daily basis.  The pricing is extremely competitive at 30% – 35% below what the competition sells their products for … and these are typically the same or better quality products.  Everything from band-aids to fire engines.  The key is being friendly and treating these customers like friends, because they will be friends as they help you grow your business while helping them.


               There is a ready-made business in one area.  One manufacturer has asked my client who they have to give this business to.  There is a HUGE market for this particular item and, again, this is only one item out of 60,000 available through my client.


Are you ready for a 6-figure income selling top quality products at great prices?  Let’s at least talk = unless the opportunity to earn $200k+ scares you


John Chandler …. 602.482.0017 …..

First Responder - For your service and protection


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