FIRST RESPONDERS – Ready for a great business for your off-duty hours? Let’s talk

4 May

               The need is there, all across the country, to offer and provide the top quality equipment and gear used daily by Firemen, Ambulances, Paramedics, Police and other First Responders.  For the most part, they have to resort to ordering equipment and supplies on the phone or on line through order-takers.


            Imagine how sales would be if there was a store or two in your State where they could go to buy and order the top quality products they want and need and buy them for less than they are currently paying.  The cost to set one up is much less than you might imagine.


              A store front needs to be accessible and easy to find.  Today there are many store fronts of 800 – 1,000 square feet available at very reasonable costs.  Hiring retired or off-duty Paramedics, Firemen, Police Officers, etc. to handle store traffic is not that difficult.  MANY of those would love to be outside sales persons talking with those they know in order to get sales and earn a GREAT income.


               Let’s talk about how you or someone you know might fit into this franchise scenario.


John Chandler



First Responders  


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