There are times when a “Video Office Visit” is all you need with your Doctor or Patient

19 Apr

        For patients who need follow-up visits but don’t need to be physically in front of their doctor there is – – Hi-Tech Doctors.  No need to drive to the doctor’s office and sit in the waiting room, then wait some more in the examination room.  Simply log into the ultra secure site from your home or your office.


  Scottsdale Cardiovascular Center, P.C. is but one of the growing Medical Offices who are very successfully doing many follow-up visits by “Tele-Medicine”.  To find out how well this is working for them, you may call and speak with Dr. Philip Gideon – (480) 945-3535.  To date, 100% of the “office visits” have been honored and paid by the patient’s insurance.


          They are a secure medical communications company that offers HIPAA compliant email and video conferencing tools.  Ask your doctor if they are using HiTech-Doctors .. if they are not, suggest to them they should be for everyone’s benefit.  Many Insurance companies are paying for these visits.

Call 386-492-3799 to speak with a manager now!




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