An important facet to your professional career – Community Bank Director/Investor

11 Apr

   Three Phoenix area (proposed) Community Banks have open seats on their 12-person Boards, including (proposed) Gainey Business Bank has just over half of their 12 Board seats filled for Director/Investors of this bank.     Would you like to find out how you can join this elite group of Executives and Professionals to help decide the direction and growth of this bank? 


When Smaller Is Better, Small bank stocks can be hard to find, but are worth their weight in gold when you uncover the right one.


              Not only added prestige in being a Bank Director/Investor, but this also opens up a tremendous super highway for more business for your growing career. One FDIC requirement is attending at least 75% of the Board meetings – in person … Conference Call … Skype. Of course, the FDIC will have some added requirements from time-to-time. And, serving on committees will allow you to help take the bank in the most successful direction to everyone’s benefit.


Would you like more information?


John Chandler … 602.482.0017 …


Board of Directors table and label



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