A Franchise filling an on-going products need is better than any fad franchise

11 Apr

             Law Enforcement … Paramedics … Firemen … ALL First Responders continually need to replace worn out uniforms and equipment and the products of the highest quality at the lowest prices are through Innovative Rescue Solutions = http://www.irs4you.com = pricing is typically 30% – 35% lower than the competition with roughly 60,000 different products available.  MOST are not on their web site because it would be a monumental task to keep up with product changes and pricing changes, but they are available to every Franchise location.


              The Founder and CEO was on the Presidential Medical Team at Walter Reed Hospital under George H. W. Bush … he is a current Paramedic … owns an EMS company … owns a Gun Shop in NE Iowa … has a weekly radio program on Bloomburg Radio = “Rescue Radio” … and more.


              Not only will buying a franchise that offers products and merchandise where the need is continual be the best business investment, it will provide an outstanding net income in the $200k – $300k range and it will have great resale value when you are ready to retire.


Would you like to learn more?  I will connect you with the CEO to answer all of your questions ~ ~ ~


John Chandler … 602.482.0017 … johnc@chandlersearch.net


First Responders


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