Lucrative Franchise Opportunity – $35,000 total for $200k – $300k NET profit annually

4 Apr

    The CEO of Innovative Rescue Solutions, out of NE Iowa, is franchising his retail location concept.  For a $35,000 +/- investment this business can quickly grow to a net annual profit in the $200k – $300k range.  With 60,000 different products geared to First Responders there is not a lack of products to sell. 

    MOST sales will be First Responders (Law Enforcement, Fire Fighters, Paramedics, etc.) walking in and ordering.  Typically, what they order will be at their door in 2 – 3 days.
    The CEO of Innovative Rescue Solutions =
    Was on the Presidential Medical Team for 3 years at Walter Reed Hospital for Bush the elder
    Is a Paramedic
    Owns an EMS company  
    Owns a Gun Shop
    Has a weekly radio program = Rescue Radio = on Bloomburg Radio
    Owns PGx Solutions
    … and more.
        Interested in more information?  
            John Chandler … 602.482.0017 …



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