Saving $8,000+/year on one prescription med through MOM – one example

29 Mar

A new customer called last week for their Atripla (HIV) medication, taking it once a day. He told MOM his co-pay was $1,050 per month – for 30. MOM got him a price of $1,159 for 90. 


Against his co-pay, MOM is now saving him BETTER than $8,000 this year. He advised MOM that this item would have put him in the donut hole by next month, at which time his cost per 30 would exceed $2,000. 


I can’t say the savings will be an exact match for everyone using this medication, because I have no way of knowing what their co-pay plans would be. What I DO know, is that based on the screenshot below, taken from GoodRx, MOM price still runs AT LEAST $5,400 cheaper per 90 day supply!  Again, MOM price for 90 is $1,159.xx, BRAND NAME.



 If you have any questions, please feel free to contact MOM  

              The MOM network is international, not limited to just one or two sources as are other mail order meds companies.   They shop for the best price for you.

              Health Care Deductibles Are Going Up … Prescription Medicine Costs Are Rising, Too

Here is the solution to the problem for millions who can barely afford their Prescription Meds ~~~

To find out what savings would be, all anyone need to do is:
Phone = 614.584.3643 = M-F 8am – 6pm Eastern — and —
Use the = Discount Code 112882 =

Mention my name, John Chandler, to get $10 off of your first 90-day order.

 MOM - Atripla



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