My friend, Santino Nyang – an original Lost Boy of Sudan – needs just a little more help

9 Mar

Santino Nyang – Fry’s 40th St. & Thunderbird, Phoenix, AZ – Lost Boy of Sudan —- UPDATE

WHY Santino still needs a little help with his Go Fund Me Campaign = =

Thinking it would be enough time for him to get his 2 children and the paperwork he will need to begin the Immigration process to bring his wife here (both of his children – ages 2 & 4 – are U.S. Citizens because he is) Santino asked for a 90-day leave of absence from Fry’s, where he has worked for 15 years.

Santino left Phoenix January 5 to go to Uganda through Newark, NJ. When he arrived in Newark he learned that his British Airways flight had been canceled, so he got to spend the night and most of the following day in Newark. He arrived in Uganda 1 1/2 late. Even though it was very late at night, he was excited to see that his 4-year-old son and 2-year-old daughter were at the airport to greet him.

Santino had to get an appointment with the U.S. Embassy there to apply for his daughter’s passport but the earliest date they had was the first week of February. When he went to the Embassy to apply for his daughter’s passport he found that her name was wrong on her birth certificate. NOW, keep in mind that his daughter was born when Santino was back in Phoenix, so he could not check her birth certificate when it was issued …. who checks their children’s birth certificates anyhow?

It takes 6 weeks to get a passport … even though Santino applied for a correct birth certificate when the error was discovered, as of Monday of this week he did not have it yet. If he received it today and could talk with the U.S. Embassy today it would be the middle of April (in the normal processing time) before he would have her birth certificate to leave Uganda with her and her brother … keeping in mind that he has a 90-day leave of absence from Fry’s from January 5.

Something else that most people do not know is that Santino, after arriving in the U.S. in 2000 had to have a life-saving liver transplant due to having to suck water out of mud on his 2 different 1,000+ mile treks to 2 different Refugee camps in Africa over a 2-year period. This prevents him from taking ground transportation to South Sudan — where he, his wife and all of the witnesses to their marriage had to go so that Santino could get a Marriage certificate that is needed to start the immigration paperwork. KEEP IN MIND THAT MOST OF AFRICA IS VERY PRIMITIVE — seemingly little documents such as marriage licenses and correct birth certificates are not of concern to them.

At this point, Santino asks that only 85 of you kind, generous neighbors to donate just $25 each to his GoFundMe campaign – . – to help cover his costs. Also, keep in mind that, while he is in Africa, his apartment rent here continues, utilities continue and his vehicle payment continues.

One of our neighbors donated a child’s car seat to Santino but he still needs another one. My neighbor donated a sleeper sofa to him. He will need everything for the apartment he will need to get for him and his 2 children …. he shares a 2-bedroom apartment with another Lost Boy of Sudan, but Santino will need at least a 2-bedroom apartment of his own. Beds, tables, lamps, kitchen items, towels and linens are needed, if anyone would like to donate … you may contact me in a private message at — —

John Chandler


Santino - and his children


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