MORTGAGE = Branches and LO’s Is your company delivering less than they promised?

16 Feb

WE SHOULD TALK – if you want to close more loans faster and earn more income


           Sometimes, even with an FDIC Bank you have layers of conditions and guidelines that have to be met before a loan can be approved and move to closing, so many loans often die in the process to comply.  Mortgage lenders who fall under a Bank find that banks are conservative in their own guidelines, which means many loans have to be passed on so that others can originate and close them. 


Banks OWNED BY A MORTGAGE BANKER, as is this client of mine, sit in the best position with the least restrictions and guidelines to worry about.    Why originate for a Bank run mortgage lender where Regional, Branch Managers and LO’s fall short of earning what they are worth.  


Construction Loans – 1x & 2x close … VA … FHA … GNMA … FNMA … FHLMC … Reverse … Manufactured Housing (including construction) and more are all available to you as a Branch Manager or LO through my client.


I am looking for producing Branches and LO’s who have loans to bring with them, and my client has a program available so that the Branch Manager and LO does not lose any income or momentum in the transition from there they are to my client’s company. 


It doesn’t cost anything to talk and learn more. Contact me and I will introduce you to my client. You will be glad you did.


John Chandler ….. 602.482.0017 ….


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