Those who can not afford their Prescription Meds REALLY NEED THIS ~

3 Feb

      If the choice is between food and utilities or Prescription Meds, which do you choose?


            Mail Order Meds (founded in 2003), my friend’s company helps those who have to pay for their own meds but can’t really afford it.

What sets Mail Order Meds (MOM) aprat from other Discount Prescription Meds

  • MOM has in excess of 10 sources to go to in order to get the best price for you
  • No sign-up fees
  • Follow-up with you 30 days prior to your last order expiring to see if you want to reorder with them so you do not run out

Since 2003 Mail Order Meds = MOM = has been helping thousands of people afford their medications so they don’t have to choose between food and/or utilities and their medications 

              OUR network is international, not limited to just one or two sources as are other mail order meds companies.  We shop for the best price for you.

              Health Care Deductibles Are Going Up … Prescription Medicine Costs Are Rising, Too

Here is the solution to the problem for millions who can barely afford their Prescription Meds ~~~

To find out what savings would be, all anyone need to do is: Phone = 614.584.3643 = M-F 8am – 6pm Eastern — and — Use the = Discount Code 112882 =

Mention my name, John Chandler, to get $10 off of your first 90-day order.



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