Santino Nyang is near his goal to bring his wife and children to Phoenix …

3 Feb

            Your response to helping this Original Lost Boy of Sudan bring his wife and 2 young children to Phoenix from the growing violence in North Africa is greatly appreciated.  With only 110 more people each donating as little as $25 his goal will be reached.  If you saw “The Good Lie” starring Reese Witherspoon, then you have an inkling of all he went through to escape the muslims who are raiding villages in North Africa in the middle of the night and killing men, women and children.

            His brief bio is in his GoFundMe link under the video there.   I have known him since he first came to Phoenix in 2000 and have watched the customers and his co-workers gravitate to him like noone else I have ever known in my life.  He is the most universally liked person you could ever hope to meet.  Send him a Facebook Friend request and look at the pictures of his family he wants here.

            Please take a few minutes to view the video and read his bio.  Then donate just $25 each and ask your friends to donate, too. 


Contact me with questions = John Chandler … .. 602.482.0017

Santino-s children January 2016.php



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