Down to the wire for Santino – Lost Boy of Sudan – to bring his wife & kids here

21 Jan

            Santino Nyang,  one of the original Lost Boys of Sudan, is very near the funds he needs to bring his wife and children to Phoenix to join him.  If you met Santino you would see why so many have helped so far.  I have never met a kinder, more caring and sincere person in my life. 


            The final funds will be to help pay legal fees for the paperwork to bring his wife here.  Because Santino became a U.S. Citizen in 2007, both of his children, who were born after 2010 are, but his wife is Sudanese. 


            Can ANYONE say “No” to those adorable children, whose picture is below?


Message from Santino when he arrived in N. Africa greeted by his wife and children =


            “Hello everyone am arrive safely last night to Entebbe 10:45 pm . I was been surprise that my little girl was waiting for me in airport with wife and some of my relative . was amazing that she still awake .”


“This is my kids pics” —— (5 pictures) — another $3,000 still needed for the legal expenses, etc, to bring their mother here … go fund me = >>>> Santino’s brief bio (including how he now has a wife and 2 young children in N. Africa. is below the video here …

Santino-s children January 2016.php


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