Mortgage Branches and LO’s – expand your referral base to Custom Home Builders

15 Jan

          Why rely solely on referrals from Realtors for your mortgage origination.  Get to know Custom Home Guiders in your market.  A whole new world will open for you – a very lucrative one.       

          Custom Home Builders typically have a Line of Credit they use to cover the cost of building homes for their buyers.  When they have committed the funds in their Line of Credit they can’t commit to building another home until those funds are replenished.   

          YOU, through my client (who recently acquired an FDIC Bank), come to the rescue with One-time close and two-time close construction loans for those who want to have those builders build a home for them.  With the buyer getting the loan, it has no negative impact on the builder’s credit line because my client funds the construction.

          This lender has a separate department that processes and underwrites only construction loans, so everything runs a smooth as silk for the builder, the buyer/borrower and you.

Let’s talk about your making a move to my client:

John Chandler … 602.482.0017 …


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