Your opportunity to be a Community Bank Director/Investor is here

12 Jan

My friend who, over the past 30 years has successfully started and overseen 31 Community Banks in the West – AZ, WA and OR – is starting 3 in the Phoenix market — and you do NOT need to live in Arizona to be a Director.


Being a Director of a Bank opens many more business doors for you with the opportunity to broaden your business and personal reach into many banking communities.  It is not as out of reach as you may think with only an initial very minimal investment.


For more detailed information any serious potential Director/Investor should e-mail me at = = with your Name, Phone Number and e-mail address so that I can send a package for you to review. 


My friend is a native Arizonan who served as AZ State Senator 2 terms … AZ State Treasurer 2 terms …. and headed the AZ Corporation Commission for several years.  His reputation is stellar and he is recognized nationally as the foremost expert on Community Banking from the ground up.


John Chandler




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