Toxicology Testing – if you are doing less than a 600-panel test, WHY BOTHER?

8 Jan

            If the purpose of doing Drug Tests at your place of business is to keep employees who have drugs in their system from being a danger to themselves, do-workers and customers, but you are only doing a 5-panel … 40-panel … 80-panel – 120-panel test — WHY BOTHER?  Chances are that our tests (600-panel) will cost you less than what you are doing today.  

          Not all toxicology tests are the same.  Ours provides up to 600 panel testing for LESS THAN YOU ARE PAYING TODAY for an 80-panel test or a 120 panel test and it tests for more drugs, even latent drugs and metabolites that most other tests miss.

Does the testing you do include these at no extra charge?

1)   Is the one your company does DOT approved?
2)  Does your current testing detect all 4 types of methamphetamines?
3)   Does it provide Chain of Custody Documentation?
4)   Could it cost you in higher unemployment insurance premiums?
5)   Does it provide for 3rd party random testing?

          We provide all of the above and keep your costs per test lower than MOST other tests ——-  Should we talk?

John Chandler …. 602.482.0017 ….



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