Radical Islam grows in N. Africa and Santino NEEDS to bring his family to safety ASAP

18 Dec

           Santino is planning on leaving for N. Africa January 2016 and needs your help, please —


To give you an idea of the costs Santino Nyang will incur to get his 2 young children from Uganda and bring them to the safety of Phoenix from the growing radical islam violence in North Africa, there follows an accounting of his expensed for the trip:  ……… PLEASE HELP … just 100 people each donating $100 will help Santino reach his total goal of funds needd


$4,000 =               Airfare for him round trip and each of his children to come here

$3,000 =               Part of the cash needed for food, ground travel and other expenses while there

$   300 =                Approximate cost for the passport for his daughter (his son already has his U.S. passport)

$1,500 =               Rent and utilities for his apartment here while he is in North Africa

$  ? TBD                Because Santino had a life-saving liver transplant when he arrived in the U.S. in 2000  he cannot take ground transportation on the extremely primitive roads (car or bus) to travel from Uganda to South Sudan to get the marriage certificate he will need for Immigration so he can bring his wife here — he has to take 2 different airplanes to get there and back — he does not yet know the cost.

$   600+/-             Since it is a 2-day trip from Phoenix to Uganda and back to Phoenix he will need a hotel each way, food overnight and ground transportation from the airport to the hotel and back.

$  ?  TBD               If his son gets sick (as he has recently) Santino will need to pay cash for the doctor or emergency room

$    420 =               Filing fee for the Immigration process for his wife to be able to come here in one year

$   ? TBD               Possible miscellaneous expenses that may be incurred while he is there … this could be nothing or any amount


Tax-Deductible donation = Each check should designate the funds are
“For – Bring Santino’s Children to America” – so that the funds get passed through to him. 

Helps Resource Center –
119 S. Valley Dr. – Suite PMB 234
Nampa, ID, 83686




for non-tax deductible donations = http://www.gofundme.com/stqzsk … The 3-minute video there is followed by a brief bio on Santino’s life from age 11, when muslim soldiers from North Sudan raided his village in the middle of the night killing nearly everyone there


When he returns to Phoenix in April, 2016, Santino will need funds to pay his Immigration Attorney for his work

To prepare all of the documents and get everything through the immigration maze.

 Questions? =

John Chandler .. 602.482.0017 … johnc@chandlersearch.net


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